Our Sad Story

The Fire and Floods of 2021 in British Columbia Canada



Canford Ave Voght Park, Merritt BC Canada. Photo Credit Gerry and Debbie Kielman

First Nation community of Skeetchestn Sparks Lake Wildfire. Photo credit: Lori Pilon

BC Flood & Fire 

Canada is watching British Columbia more than any other time in its history. Every Canadian has heard of the BC forest fires and floods. “Google’s Year in Search” provides us an even clearer picture into what is “top of mind” of Canadians in 2021. And when it comes to searching online, B.C.’s wildfires was 7th, and the Lytton fire was 9th, with Covid-19 taking #1 spot on the list. People are listening.

The Fires

1,600 fires in British Columbia in 2021. Together they burned down 8,700 square kilometres of land. The same wildfire season that destroyed the Village of Lytton, B.C. is estimated to cost $78 million. Then there is burned out Monte Lake, Okanagan Lake and others. There are too many to list. 

The Floods

Then came November 2021 and the widespread flooding swamping the communities of Merritt, Princeton and Abbotsford in southern British Columbia. A flood estimated to have caused $450-million in insured damages, making it the most costly severe weather event in the province’s history. 

The Fundraiser

Fighting back against fires and floods with a full day and night of entertainment, conversations, messages, giving and fundraising.

How Can I  Help

Share on Social Media

This just makes sense because it takes connecting people to make a difference. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (buttons below)  and please share, share and share the event with your friends and followers.


Challenge your friends, co workers, businesses, neighbourhoods, clubs… anyone who will listen, to donate as well. Watch how good that feels helping out Canadians.


Donation matching is a corporate/ business giving initiative in which an employer matches their employee’s contribution to a specific cause, Hell or High Water, thus increasing the donation. Makes sense right! Businesses for BC fire and flood victims.

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