Sponsored challenges, personal challenges, charity challenges, work challenges, industry challenges — whichever phrase is suitable for you – are a necessary means for a successful Hell or High Water fundraiser.

It is important for businesses, corporations and individuals to give back to communities who have supported them for years and for some, decades. Challenges help to boost donations and create online giving campaigns that speak from the heart. A challenge campaign is a very good tool for your social advocacy brand online.


How to get started…

  • Click the Challenge Button and start the ball rolling.
  • Scroll down and meet or beat a current challenge.
  • Do a short video and post your challenge on your social media pages.
  • Email your work database and send out your challenge.
  • Start a collection at work for the fundraiser.
  • Announce challenge at your next meeting or around the corporate boardroom table.

How To Meet or Beat A Challenge

Review the list of challenges below. Find the challenge you are accepting. Then click button and match it or beat it. Congratulations. But the fun is not over yet.

Now, you can, reach out to your circles of influence and re-challenge them. Think of it as a challenge chain letter. You do not want to be the link that breaks. So please pay it forward again and again.

Sanders Contracting

Sanders Contracting

Donation = $10000

Challenges Contractors!

Sanders Contracting challenges other contractors that are working in the affected areas to Meet or Beat our Cash Donation of $10000!

 Pennerosa Farm

Eh Canada Sponsor

Donation = $3000

Challenges Food Companies!

Pennerosa Farm challenges all Food Companies to Meet or Beat our Cash Donation of $3000

EH Canada

Eh Canada Sponsor

Donation = $250

Challenges All Tourism Businesses & Associations!

We challenge all Tourism Businesses & Associations to Meet or Beat our Cash Donation of $250

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