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The forest fires and floods of 2021 is the largest disaster in BC’s history. Homes were lost. Lives shattered. Communities gone. Businesses crashed. Memories burned and washed away. This level of disaster is not something anyone can prepare for.

Hence why a group of international, national and regional musicians, celebrities, dignitaries and everyday people have come together for the Hell or High Water Concert and Telethon.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller


Below there are various opportunities for your business to get involved as a Corporate Donor.  

(1) Click the link below, enter your donation in the “custom amount” field and follow the instructions. Tax receipt will be sent to your email instantly.

(2) Send us a quick email at and lets discuss how you can help.

(3) Download, fill out and return the “Gift Agreement PDF” when the process of releasing funds may take some time.

(4) Any combination of the above.

Attention Corporate Donors

If you would like to Donate to the Hell or High Water Fund, other than though this site. You can download our Gift Agreement pdf.

Please return Gift Agreement to


Sponsoring at the highest level of the Hell or High Water Fundraiser brings great social awareness to your venture. It says everything about you, that you step up when times get tough. Our group have proven our commitment by producing a top quality show to with a group of top headliner musicians, dignitaries and celebrities raising 1 million dollars!

Now we need a few corporations to step up big time and finish the job, help us get to the goal line of 2 million dollars raised. The dollars raised will go to assisting affected families of the BC fires and floods in Merritt, Lytton, Abbotsford, Princeton and Monte Lake BC and surrounding First Nation villages. Funds will be dispersed for temporary housing, rebuilds, and bringing our communities back home. 

11 + 6 =


The Community Hero pays tribute to the most generous donors who step up to the plate in our quest to reach 2 million.  Community Heroes are asked to make generous donations so to make substantial gains in reaching our goals of 2 million. Heroes will receive: 


  • Featured on fundraiser ticker tape on the front page of the website.
  • Featured logo on the front page of the website.
  • Featured logo and a link prominently displayed under “Community Heroes” on the Hell or High Water website.
  • Corporation is featured by one of the national award winning Experience Nicola Valley bloggers. 
  • Logo displayed on selected social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Corporation is included in press release.

All Corporate Donors must be in good standing. This is a family event. Corporate Donor gifts submitted by businesses deemed unsuitable for our viewing audience are not eligible for programs listed on this page. Not sure? Contact us.


Challenge Your Peers : Flex some donation muscle. Make your gift, and then challenge your peers, your industry, your region, your co workers, etc. to match or beat your gift. Be bold, loud and say it with pride. A Fundraising Challenge is a great testimonial to the generosity of your working circles.

Match Donations : Say it loud. Be cocky. Make a scene. It is all for a good cause. Let  your employees, partners, co -workers, stakeholders, etc, know that your company will match the total funds raised by the group. Put your money where your mouth is per say. Thank you for that!

Gifts-in-Kind: Not everyone has cash available to make a charitable donation, so then, why not, consider an in-kind gift. Whether donating products, services or property your contributions are appreciated here. Contact us.

Donate by Contest: Head over to the Hell or High Water contest page and make a small, but meaningful, donation and enter yourself into a prize draw like music festivals, events, Canuck box tickets, signed guitars, mountain bike, and more.

Join The Hell or High Water Social Media Army: For one day, one week, or until opening day of the telethon you can support the efforts of this event by uploading our social media banners and/or avatar and use them on your social media pages. Join the Hell or High Water Army today.

Q and A

Is there an urgent reason to give? 2021 forest fires and floods were the largest recorded disaster in British Columbia history. Thousands displaced, communities destroyed, homes lost, livelihoods drained… so yes there is an urgency like no other before. 

Why are you asking me? We think it is obvious. It is either because your business has BC and/or Canada all over it and has made a positive impression on our group over time or someone in our circles talks very highly of you and told us we should  reach out to you. 

How will my donations be used? All proceeds collected, including those made online and through the telethon, will go directly to Rotary Merritt who will then work with Rotaries throughout the devastated areas to disperse the funds to communities and individuals affected by the natural disasters. Sponsorships of the Live Concert may be partially used to support the event with the rest going directly to Rotary Merritt for dispersal to those in need

How long will my brand be visible on this website? The Hell or High Water website will be online generating awareness for months after the telethon.  However, the website will pivot post event to better represent the needs of the affected communities.

What about Covid? The show will go on. The virtual Hell or High Water telethon has prepared, as best they can, for each outcome. Entertainment is committed. Technology is our friend.

Will I have a say over where you use my gift? Absolutely, during the process of donating online you have an option of selecting which affected area/community you would like to contribute funds to.

How do I know your nonprofit is trustworthy?  The Rotary Club of Canada is one of the most trusted non profits in Canada. There are over 700. What we most like about them is that their fundraising efforts go directly back into the community and/or region they serve. No middle man. No big administrative fees. Just hard working volunteers who live, work and play in their communities. 

Why your fundraiser? Good question. There are so many worthy causes to support. However, with this particular event no one saw the “Hell or High Water” coming. No family, no home, no business, no animal was prepared for the massive destruction. Even our highways were destroyed. There are no long running support systems in place for the 2021 fire and flood casualties of climate change. There is no, long running, annual fundraising event for BC’s worst disaster on record. These people are our friends and neighbours. These people are Canadians. And we Canadians, when we hear, “Help”, we run towards it. So… we are running towards it. Do you want to go for a run? 

Got a question? Want to customize? 

Let’s chat! Call 778-585-1878 or send us an email.

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